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Marg Helgenberger


A sexy redhead, Helgenberger began on the small screen as the feisty rookie police officer Siobhan Ryan on ABC's Irish-flavored daytime soap, "Ryan's Hope" (click for free Marg Helgenberger nude photos). She began doing guest spots on primetime and landed a regular role in support of Margot Kidder and James Reid on the short-lived CBS series about two former con artists, "Shell Game" (1987).

Marg had considerably better luck on her second series, winning an Emmy for the adult and provocative Vietnam War drama, "China Beach" (1988-91). As KC, a prostitute who attaches herself to a M.A.S.H. unit in Vietnam, Helgenberger brought some fine character shadings and forthright feminist insights to her spunky, hard-bitten character.

She subsequently kept busy in a series of mostly routine TV-movies and miniseries, several of them ("Death Dreams" 1991, "Lie Down with the Lions" 1994) made for the Lifetime cable channel. "Steven King's The Tommyknockers" (ABC, 1993) was not one of the better made-for-TV King adaptations, but "Peacemaker" (PBS, 1991) was a thoughtful drama of life in the nuclear 1950s. Helgenberger has also made a handful of feature appearances. The sentimental but touching Steven Spielberg fantasy "Always" (1989) and the unjustly overlooked "Crooked Hearts" (1991) were two of her better films, and her leading role in "The Cowboy Way" (1994) offered Helgenberger her widest feature exposure to date.

In 1996, she played a recurring role as a love interest for Dr. Doug Ross (George Clooney) on the hit NBC medical drama "ER". She later returned to series TV as a regular on the Las Vegas-set "C.S.I.", cast as forensics investigator Catherine Willows.

After making her feature debut as an all-night answering service operator in the mediocre anthology thriller "After Midnight", Marg Helgenberger had a small role in Steven Spielberg's engaging fantasy "Always" (both 1989), but her bread-and-butter through the 90s would be TV-movies and mini series, quite a few ("Death Dreams" 1991, "A Friend in Need" segment of "The Hidden Room" series in 1991, "Lie Down with the Lions" 1994, "Giving Up the Ghost" 1998, "Keys to Her Past" 1999) made for the Lifetime cable channel.

Though "Stephen King's The Tommyknockers" (ABC, 1993) was not one of the better made-for-TV King adaptations, "Peacemaker" (PBS, 1991) was a thoughtful drama of life in the nuclear 1950s, and CBS' "In Sickness and in Health" (1992) offered her the plum role of Mickey, the lusty caretaker who befriends her charge (Lesley Ann Warren) suffering from multiple sclerosis, only to betray that trust by sleeping with her husband (Tom Skerritt).

Her leading role in "The Cowboy Way" (1994) offered Helgenberger some feature exposure, as did "Species" (1995) and its regrettable 1998 sequel "Species II", "My Fellow American" (1996) and "Fire Down Below" (1997), but nothing about her work in these films would erase perceptions of her as a TV actress.

With Tom Hanks' "I'll Be Waiting" (1993) segment of the "Fallen Angels" series, Marg Helgenberger began an association with Showtime which would include Peter Weller's "Partners" (1994, from the "Directed By" series), "Conundrum" (1996), "Elmore Leonard's Gold Coast" (1997), "Thanks of a Grateful Nation" (1998) and "Happy Face Murders" (1999).

Excellent as the sex-starved widow of "Gold Coast", which reteamed her with Weller, she delivered arguably her best performance as the sister of a veteran felled by Gulf War Syndrome in the critically-acclaimed "Thanks of a Grateful Nation". She was equally terrific in NBC's "Murder Live!" (1997) as shallow talk-show host Pia Postman, not to mention portraying Patsy Ramsey in "Perfect Town, Perfect Murder" (2000), a thoughtful CBS miniseries look into the killing of JonBenet Ramsey.

That year also found her in her biggest feature success to date, playing the woman whose medical condition leads Julia Roberts to uncover evidence of corporate wrongdoing in Steven Soderbergh's "Erin Brockovich".


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